About Me

I am inquisitive. I am genuine; a woman of many talents, convictions, and aspirations. Undoubtedly influenced by my past and present choices, both advantageous and detrimental, a path formed. Along that path resides the people who have helped me create the wonderful outline of the woman I wish to be, and for that, they are held in the highest point of my heart.

I grew up in a small town in Texas. Being raised with horses, cows, and other livestock with daily chores, and taking care of the animals made me a country girl at heart. It’s this lifestyle and milieu that also made me yearn for the big city, and the finer things in life.

Simply put, I am a young woman with big aspirations. That burning desire took me first to California, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and now to New York City where I currently study in graduate school- with many other destinations scattered along the path.

One of the things that has most shaped me is my classical ballet training. Ballet has such an enigmatic duality to its nature. A dance performance is filled with grace, delicacy and femininity. Ballet dancers embody perfection of the female form, not only with the way they look, but their exquisite precision of movement and their harmony with the music. But behind the almost ethereal stage presence is an incredible strength that comes from rigorous training of both body and mind. Ballet has taught me that through perseverance and focus, I can create timeless beauty.

I’m still so hungry for everything life has to offer. Dancing is a passion of mine, but not my only way of expressing myself. I love to travel, to read, to cook. Movement and activity are a constant part of my life, including barre class and swimming. I enjoy visiting art galleries, museums, attending the theater, and dining out.

Working as a companion has allowed me to live my life to the fullest in so many ways. It has given me the opportunity to attend school and pursue my career goals in a way no other work could have. I have autonomy and self-determination and am beholden to no one. The people I meet and experiences I have enrich my life more than I ever could have thought possible.

I am a deeply sensual person and I love nothing more than spending time with someone who can appreciate the myriad ways that our senses can be stimulated. Take me somewhere we’ve never been before, so that we can marvel together at the newness, or take me to a favorite haunt so that I can see it fresh through your eyes. I love meeting new people. Will this be you?


Age: 26   Height: 5’5   Weight: 115   Hair: Long Dark Brown  Eyes: Brown   Grooming: Bare Ethnicity: Caucasian   Nationality: American   Tattoos: None Measurements: Natural 34B-24-34  Dress Size:Shoe Size: 6.5

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Currently in NYC; Hosting Incalls March 23-24